VYKON by Tridium

Control Concepts of Ohio is an authorized VYKON Systems Integrator. Vykon utilizes their Niagara Framework® and JACE® controller to interconnect disparate devices and systems.

CCO utilizes VYKON as a head end tool to link various legacy protocols with modern technology.

Visit VYKON’s website to learn more about the control and monitoring system technology they offer.

The pace of innovation has never been more rapid, and now, more than ever, agility is key. VYKON enables businesses to create smarter and more efficient enterprises for today that are adaptable for tomorrow.

According to Machina Research, intelligent buildings will make up almost 40% of machine-to-machine connections by 2022. The VYKON open software platform fuels that growth. 

It enables the integration of complex and disparate monitoring, control and automation solutions, making facilities easier to manage and control, driving operational efficiencies, saving energy and reducing costs. 

With VYKON, your building systems talk to each other across the enterprise. But more importantly, they talk to you.

VYKON helps businesses harness the power of the Internet of Things with best-in-class technology: the Niagara Framework®.

The open platform, Niagara Framework®:

  • Connects disparate devices and systems, regardless of protocol
  • Translates, analyzes and visualizes information to make it actionable—driving smarter, faster and more informed business decisions