Lighting Control

Automated lighting control is one of the most tangible energy management systems utilized today. Enhancements in automated lighting systems have improved exponentially in recent years.  

We offer BACnet® lighting control options from Reliable Controls®. Learn more about our controls partner Reliable Controls’ hardware and software.

The Very Best in Efficient Lighting Solutions

AEP Ohio’s Networked Lighting Controls Program helps businesses with diverse lighting needs improve quality and efficiency. It gives them the power to regulate, automate and monitor lighting usage, and can deliver lighting energy savings up to 70 percent.

Generous Tiered Incentives

Designed for simplicity, the incentives are calculated on a squared-footage basis, with tiers for lumen levels and fixture density. Eligible upgrades must include 100 percent LED lighting and networked lighting controls.

Advantages of Networked Lighting Controls

  • Scheduling flexibility — turn lights on/off or dim as needed
  • Superior tracking capability of energy costs and savings, activity/occupancy
  • Lighting maintenance planning functionality
  • Offline equipment alerts
  • Ability to program, control and monitor lighting from either a center station or remotely
  • Can be integrated with Building Management Systems

Project Incentive Rate

Lower Lumen Fixtures/Higher Fixture Density — $0.75/sq ft

Higher Lumen Fixtures/Lower Fixture Density — $0.30/sq ft

Contact our team to learn more about the Networked Lighting Controls program and how we can help you upgrade your lighting system.