Access Control & Video Management

Access Control

Reliable Controls has partnered with DAQ Electronics to release a Power over Ethernet (PoE) native BACnet access control panel. Designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system, MACH-CheckPoint™ devices enable the merging of access control and building management systems.

Ideal for small door-count applications, the system is also expandable to multi-site installations via RC-Passport® software.  Each MACH-CheckPoint™ panel can monitor up to 2 doors, provide power for 4 readers and 2 locking devices via PoE+, and can easily be interconnected across an existing Ethernet network.

Key Features:

  • True Open Connectivity

  • Designed to communicate with any ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2010 compliant system

  • BACnet protocol allows for direct interface with building automation devices, maximizing facility operating efficiency

  • Interoperability examples include BACnet lighting controls, HVAC, energy management, and life safety

  • No External Power Supply

  • PoE/PoE+ cabling powers 2 doors with mag locks and 4 readers

  • Unmatched installation flexibility, fewer components required

  • Local battery back-up can be charged by PoE/PoE+ supply

  • Plug and Play Functionality

  • Issue credentials within minutes of completing physical wiring


Video Management

RC-Passport® security management software supports the latest generation of video management and recording technologies, offering flexible solutions to meet any video management requirement. True video integration with access control, intrusion detection, and other system components is achieved via a robust, open architecture design and a dedicated video client employing high-level camera command and control functionality.

Matched to the technical performance needs of system designers, RC-Passport® seamlessly interfaces with a wide range of industry-standard camera and switcher protocols and is easily scalable from single facility applications to enterprise class video monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Integration between CCTV switching and control within the alarm management system

  • Direct serial communication links to matrix switchers allow alarm activated CCTV camera and monitor callup

  • Server configurations are implemented from the workstation, eliminating the need to maintain and operate an additional interface

  • Capable of integrating both digital and analog camera systems

  • Camera sequencing Record tagging

  • Full control of individual cameras